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Best Times to Fish

Choosing Your Date to Fish with Albatross Fishing Charters
Kenosha is home to the best salmon and trout fishing on Lake Michigan. Year after year charters out of our harbor catch more fish than any other port. This result may be due to the topography of the lake bottom and the skill of the captains and crew to find and catch fish. Albatross Fishing Charters specializes in custom designing your excursion for the fishing experience of a lifetime. Our fleet of 40’ Viking yachts are fully outfitted with state-of-the-art electronics for recognizing the topography and locating the fish. All bait and tackle are provided and used in tandem with our fishing expertise and knowledge of local waters and ever changing conditions.

Albatross Fishing Charters

April marks the beginning of the Coho Salmon run from the warmer waters to our south. During April and May you can schedule your trip out of Kenosha, and expect to catch a mixed bag of mostly the young (3 to 5 pound) Cohos, with some good size Steelheads, Browns and Lake trout.  With some luck and skill you may even capture a 16 to 30 pound King cruising the shoreline.

In June and July our entire fleet will be stationed in Kenosha where we expect to catch strong numbers of the larger Cohos (averaging about ten pounds), Rainbows and Lake Trout. As the water temperatures rise, the boats will travel farther from shore to the “hills” of Lake Michigan.  This is where we find the big four year old Kings that weigh 16 to 35 pounds hanging out in the deeper, cooler waters in the valleys of these hills.

The month of August holds some of the most exciting trips with the large Kings roaming Kenosha waters in full force. Other species (the Steelheads, Lake and Brown Trout) are at their peak season as well. Warm weather and great fishing makes July and August our busiest months, so book your trip early.

Fall fishing during the months of September and October are for the fisherman who can risk the changes in weather that may bring on the bigger waves and cooler temperatures. The action of the waves often brings good fishing with lots of excitement. What you will appreciate about our Viking yachts is the way they cut through the waves with power and grace. Fall fishing offers the biggest fish and the biggest challenges. The spawning Kings begin leaving the area on their journey upstream, and can be snatched on their way to the shallow waters closer to shore. The Rainbows, Browns and Lake Trout, as well as the two and three year old Kings (averaging 10 to 16 pounds depending on the species) are roaming the cooler waters about a mile offshore.

Fishing is always great with Albatross Fishing Charters because we provide larger yachts that handle supremely in rougher seas. The cabins can be heated or air-conditioned to your comfort, are equipped with a private head, and offer plenty of room for all anglers to have their own space. We will go out of our way to make your day a unique and unforgettable experience.